Monty Trent

You look like a lizard’, snapped the picaresque denizen of Washington Square New York City, ’Eyes swivelling left and right like you’re hunting bugs’

I guess I have always been a photographer. Only for 40 years I didn’t know it.

In my late teens I was fascinated but marriage, family and the pressure of building my professional practice as a lawyer blew out the light and, with it, my self-belief. 

Then in 1998 the candle was reignited by Howard Cole at West Dean who taught me how to see as an artist, not a tourist and I set out on my journey. Along the road I have met a number of people who have guided and walked with me; Colin Westgate, Les McCLean, Steve Gosling and - recently Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey.

I’m happy working in the landscape and on the street and now have started to explore using my camera as a paint brush employing the multiple exposure and ICM techniques that Doug and Valda have generously shared.

Come and walk with me for a while . . .

Monty Trent is a photographer living in Yorkshire.

For more information on Monty's work, to get in touch, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.